Attending the 28rd annual Carson City Rendezvous at Mills Park will be anyone's ticket to see how folks lived in the Old West.

This is an opportunity for anyone to ride in a stagecoach," said Gary Teel, owner of the full-size replica of a Concord stagecoach drawn by four horses. "There's not many of them around."

The humorous, crusty, suspender-wearing character is truly a blast from the era itself. Teel, along with his wife, Nancy, encourage families to take in the casual journey around the park.

"Bring the kids out here and let's go for a ride," Teel added. "I'll run 'er wide open.

Think stagecoach riding in the Old West was as calm as Hollywood’s romanticized depiction?

Gary Teel will prove you wrong.

He operates TNT Stagelines as accurately to the way it was in the 1800s as possible, including speeds over 25 mph, wagon conditions, and bumpiness of the roads.

After being tossed, thrown, and sent airborne, a group of three women agreed there’s no way women in the 1800s arrived with their hair in place and their dresses immaculate. The ride lasts for about 10 minutes, laughing and screaming the entire time it's hard to believe people ever traveled via stagecoach for more than 2,500 miles. -Erin Vorhies

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